Counos X Exchange Pairs


SEPA Transfer
  • Buy CCXX by eur
  • Sell CCXX for eur

Purchase Counos X

To buy CCXX, you just need to follow these steps:

  1. Transfer euros to one of the bank accounts given in this page - each CCXX is 89 euros.
  2. After making the transfer, fill out the form below and send us the documents and the receipt.
    In this step, you need to create a Counos X wallet address for yourself.
    Important note: the information and the documents must match the person who made the euro transfer.
  3. After reviewing the documents and the deposited money, the requested amount of CCXX will be transferred to your wallet address.

Counos OÜ

Counos OÜ allows you to actively trade the most popular cryptocurrencies such as Counos Coin (CCA), Counos X, Counos E, Counos U, Bitcoin, Litecoin and more, profit from market rallies and declines, or hedge your existing cryptocurrency holdings.


Contact Us

Narva Maantee 19-65 ,10120 Tallinn ,Estonia
Tel: +372 712 1704
Email: info[at]
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